ASEA international


Network Marketing is a powerful business model. Not only can you experience leveraged and residual income, you can also build a global income, where your business never sleeps. Earning commissions 24/7!

The Internet has turned the world into a global village and thanks to ASEA’s seamless global business structure, your business can expand into any of our 35 open markets.

So here is a list of all the markets that ASEA is currently open for business in.


USA, Canada and Mexico.

ASEA Europe

UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia.

ASEA Australia

ASEA Australia and New Zealand.


Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and in 2019 we just opened ASEA Malaysia.

the asea difference

You will often find Network Marketing companies claiming to be “international” however just shipping a product into a country is not going “international”. To truly set up a business for long term global success, there are product and business licensing requirements, banking relationships, local warehousing and internal shipping agreements. Some countries require, by law, that a US based company like ASEA, has a physical office in the country.

ASEA is dedicated to going global, but doing it right!

If you have any interest in building an exciting ASEA business in any of these markets, then please reach out to me on my Contact Me page and lets talk!

“In ASEA you have the opportunity to build local and go global. Imagine building a 24/7 income that never sleeps.”

– Alan Noble, ASEA Ambassador Diamond