ASEA Redox Water Reviews

Experts are beginning to talk about health at a whole new level: the cellular level. ASEA Redox is the result of almost 2 decades of research and development. It is the only source of active redox signaling molecules outside of the body. Therefore, these important molecules are crucial messengers that help protect cells, rejuvenate them, and keep them functioning at optimal levels. Above all, they are foundational to cellular function and signaling in every system of the body.* See the ASEA Reviews below.

ASEA Redox Reviews from Experts

The ASEA Redox Supplement is attracting the attention of health professionals from all over the world and from many different professions. Most noteworthy, here are just a handful of ASEA Reviews from prominent and respected health and science professionals.

Dr. Gary Samuelson (PHD Atomic Medical Physics) ASEA Review:

“The Redox Signaling process is remarkable because it is the process that allows us to regenerate tissue and maintain our normal function and capacities. This technology has the potential to spearhead the greatest advances in health we have ever seen.”

Ann Louise Gittleman (Best Selling Author of Over 30 Books on Nutrition & Wellness) ASEA Redox Review:

“Extraordinary health is your birthright. In my humble opinion, ASEA Redox is the most powerful lifestyle supplement on the planet, which harnesses the power of your own body to keep it well.”*

Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz (Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California) ASEA Water Review:

“Redox Signaling is the instantaneous communications network of the body, governing all metabolic systems. If you are interested in your skin you should use it for that too! I run a stem cell center in San Francisco and I use RENU 28. I tell people this is what you can look like if you use stem cells mixed with fancy creams that sell for $600-$700 a month. It’s as potent as that. I think these products are awesome.”

Dr. Aaron Kaufman (30 Years in Family Integrative Practice) ASEA Redox Review:

“I have been using ASEA Redox and RENU 28 for 3 years, in my practice and for myself. My life has benefited greatly. I feel more youthful, I have more endurance, I sleep like I haven’t slept in 25 years and all my discomfort has dramatically reduced. It has also benefited the lives of 100s of my patients.” 

Results may vary. Most consumers of ASEA products use as part of maintaining an already healthy lifestyle.

Dr. David Silverman D.P.M (Podiatric Medicine & Foot Surgeon) ASEA Review:

ASEA Redox is a cellular health product that is a breakthrough for humanity. Everyone who takes the time to do a proper investigation on this, does it for one of six reasons. They have health concerns, or they love someone who does. For Athletic benefits or for vanity reasons with RENU 28. Or the idea of keeping your body healthy for the future, or the tremendous opportunity created by this breakthrough.”

Dr. Kenneth Ward (Taueret Laboratories) ASEA Water Review:

“These results are unique and exciting. ASEA Redox is a signaling supplement and the pathways expressed are signaling genes.”

Learn more about ASEA’s Gene Signaling Study.

Dr. Maureen Hayes, M.D. (Anesthesiology & Pain Management)

ASEA REDOX is a huge breakthrough, that is foundational for health. It helps the cells to detect protect repair or replace. So, with these molecules we are amping up that communication we are helping that cell signal. We are helping the cells do their job better.It effects every cell in our body and even the very DNA within those cells. We talk about the discovery of DNA and the discovery of penicillin as being huge breakthroughs. Now we have something that goes even deeper.”

Dr. Kurt Stickley, PHD (Organic Chemistry)

“Without these cell signaling molecules we simply won’t have immune protection from various bacteria. We wouldn’t do the gene replication that we need or the DNS sequencing that we need. So even though it seems like a small piece, these Redox Signaling Molecules interact throughout the body with every cell. ASEA REDOX is the only dietary supplement that I know of, that actually targets the cell itself; that gets inside the cell wall and acts with the mitochondria to affect the body. “

Dr. Stan Gardner, MD, CNS (Family Medicine)

“The amount of signaling molecules that we make is being diminished more and more with time. ASEA REDOX actually has the combinations of the oxidants and the reductants that the body makes. Therefore, with ASEA REDOX we are simply enhancing what the body is already doing naturally. “

Dr. Richard Walker MD (Emergency & Internal Medicine)

“Having a technology that is native to the body means the body doesn’t have to worry about detoxifying;it doesn’t have to worry about managing this strange molecules that you just put here, because it knows exactly what to do with Redox Molecules. I don’t know of anything else in my career that has made this big of a difference in helping people to improve their health. ASEA REDOX is certainly the biggest breakthrough I have seen in my career.”

Dr. Richard Michal (Family Medicine)

“ASEA found a way to stabilize them outside of the body, so we can put them back into our bodies that are deficient in those molecules. Above all, ASEA REDOX is a true breakthrough for me.”

Dr. Robertson Ward, MD (Family Medicine)

“When you think about Vitamins and minerals, that was 100 years ago when they were discovered. Today we’ve got new technologies. Probably the most existing technology is the application and supplementation of Redox Molecules to support our biology. They are critical. We wouldn’t live minutes without these molecules being produced. Every cell in our body needs the molecules for communication purposes. The more balanced they are. the more abundant they are, the healthier we are. “

And These Are Just a Few of the Many ASEA Reviews Out There

These ASEA reviews are only scratching the surface. Since its launch ASEA Redox had a positive impact on 10,000’s of people’s lives, improving health and athletic performance.

“ASEA Redox goes beyond nutrition, beyond ingredients and impacts the body at a depth that no other supplement has ever come close to achieving.”

– Alan Noble, ASEA Ambassador Diamond