A recent Study at Appalachian State University, showed that mice drinking ASEA REDOX for 7 days, ran 29% further to exhaustion. Furthermore, muscle biopsies indicated that the ASEA mice had on average a 30% sparing of muscle glycogen suggesting that their bodies were more efficient at tapping into their fat supplies for fuel.

This suggests drinking the ASEA water could prime your metabolism to be more like a world class athlete even if you are just a weekend warrior. This fat burning effect has also been noticed by numerous body builders and fitness models. Drink ASEA REDOX before any sport training or competition and you can experience the ASEA Advantage.


ASEA is attracting the attention of athletesincluding Olympic gold medalists, world record holders in competitive sports such as swimming, running, cycling and powerlifting, as well as triathlons, ironmen. Here is just a small sample of 4 athletes using ASEA REDOX to enhance their physical performance, increasing their endurance and recovery and allowing them to achieve new levels of success in their careers. *

* Those making these statements may have received compensation through the receipt of material goods or remuneration. Results may vary. Most consumers of ASEA products use them as part of maintaining an already healthy lifestyle.

Breeja Larson – Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Breeja won a 2012 Olympic gold in the 4 x 100 meter medley relay and is currently the American record-holder for the 100-yard and 200-yard breaststroke.Breeja maintains an intense training schedule that requires her to pay close attention to her recovery. ASEA Redox Supplement has been Breeja’s go-to product. She especially loves the tamper-proof pouches that are competition friendly.

Cody Miller – Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Cody won Gold alongside Michael Phelps as a member of the 4×100 medley relay in 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He is currently one of the top swimmers in the world with eight American Records and having competed for Team USA all over the world.

Dexter Yeats – IRONMAN Triathlete

Dexter Yeats is a 73-year-old triathlete with an impressive racing career. Since starting ASEA REDOX in 2015, her recovery has been getting better and better.

“Since taking ASEA Redox Supplement, I have qualified for four world championship races. Before ASEA, I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do anymore racing in the sport that I love and enjoy. The ASEA Redox Supplement has really helped my recovery”

In the 2016 World Championships, she placed 4th with the Best in the World and the finished first in her age group in the Cozumel Full Ironman race and qualifying for the 2017 Full Ironman World Championship. Dexter is currently ranked number one as the Females 70-74 Ironman, All World Athlete.

Cody Waite – Champion XTERRA Triathlete

Over the last decade, Cody became one of the best XTERRA racers in the US, representing the USA in multiple World Championship appearances.

“My body takes a beating as a professional off-road endurance athlete. Typical races take 3 to 6+ hours, very hilly, rugged terrain, often at high altitudes and extreme weather conditions.With ASEA, I noticed 2 significant benefits: the enhancement of my endurance capabilities—being able to run and ride further and faster, which is critical in racing. And the second big thing is the product has allowed me to stay healthy over the course of the 11 month long training and racing seasons. It’s easy to get run down, and the product has kept me healthy.

ASEA REDOX helps endurance athletes utilize more fat for fuel; that is what we’re trying to do with all our hours of training. We’re training our body to use our fat for fuel and spare the glycogen. So when we’re in a race situation, we have that high-octane glycogen energy at the end of the race so we can move forward.”

“ASEA has been part of my journey this whole time, right from club to the Olympic gold medal.”

– Breeja Larson, Olympic Swimmer