ASEA is excited to announce Malaysia as its 6th market in Asia, following successful launches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines and Thailand.

Malaysia is ASEA’s biggest market so far in Asia.

  • $5.3 billion market in direct sales
  • 4th largest market in ASIA
  • 10th largest market worldwide
  • One of the fastest growing markets in Asia
  • 13.5% of the population involved in direct sales!

Several years of work went into launching Malaysia for long term success. This included ASEA obtaining official MLM license as well as correct registration of the complete product range.

  • ASEA Redox Water
  • RENU 28 Topical Redox Gel
  • RENU Advanced Skin Care System
  • ASEA VIA Nutritionals

ASEA opened its doors for business in 2009. The company has grown every year and carries zero debt. We closed 2018 with $125 Million in sales and we expect to quadruple that, taking the company to $500 Million in sales by 2025.

There has never been a better time to become an ASEA Associate and building global distribution for the most significant health science breakthrough of our lifetime!