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ASEA VIA Nutritionals are sold through a network of independent Associates. Instead of paying famous movie stars to recommend a product they don’t use or even like, ASEA instead believes those advertising dollars should go to individuals who have personal experience in using the ASEA VIA Nutritionals and can help answer any questions the consumer might have.

Based on this referral marketing model, it is recommended that you get back to the person who introduced you to ASEA VIA and allow them the opportunity to earn your business. However, if you have stumbled across ASEA VIA and do not have connections to an existing ASEA Associate, then I am happy to assist you in experiencing our high quality, bioavailable formulas.  


ASEA ASSOCIATE: A one time $40 enrollment fee allows you to become a registered ASEA Associate. You get your own referring website, shopping cart and virtual office that tracks your business as it grows. You also can earn commissions from referring any of the ASEA products to others. Make a living while making a difference!

PREFERRED CUSTOMER: It is free to become an ASEA Preferred Customer. As a PC you can purchase any of the ASEA products at the best pricing available, by simply choosing a very user friendly monthly autoship. This can be changed or cancelled at any time. You are in complete control. You can also accumulate loyalty reward points on your monthly orders, that can be cashed in for complimentary product!

RETAIL CUSTOMER: These are one time order at full retail price (25% over PC and Associate price).


ASEA VIA can be purchased individually or in combination with other products for best pricing.

Add any ASEA VIA product to a case of ASEA or RENU 28 order and receive $10 off each bottle of VIA.

Or, if you order 3 or more ASEA VIA products you also qualify for the “$10 off each bottle” discount.

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“Maximize your cellular health with cell signaling from ASEA REDOX, and give yourself the most potent, bioavailable nutrients with ASEA VIA.”

– ASEA Global