ASEA opportunity



I have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 25 years. A long time! 95% of the companies I have seen in that time, have come and gone! So, allow me to explain 5 reasons why I believe why joining The ASEA Network is the right choice.


Imagine a group of seasoned business professionals who cared more about the well-being of a handful of people than a multi-million dollar payout from the pharmaceutical industry. Then imagine a company founded on these same principles of putting people first. Learn more about ASEA Global, the company, and the Genesis story.


Imagine having a monopoly on one of the greatest health, athletic and health science breakthroughs of our lifetime! A breakthrough that literally creates a whole new category and class of product. A breakthrough that can offer profound life changing benefits to those who use it. A breakthrough that is so heavily patented no one else in the world has. No competition. No copy cats!

And that is only the beginning! In addition to ASEA REDOX, the company has RENU28, the only Redox Gel in the world as well as RENU ADVANCED Skin Care system. Then just launched in 2019 are the cutting edge common sense ASEA VIA Nutritionals!

These products make ASEA a global leader in complete cellular health!


When you join the ASEA Network, you want to get compensated for your efforts. The ASEA Compensation Plan is fair and generous and there is something for everyone. Part time income. Full time income. Even Lifestyle Income. All in all there are 8 ways to get paid in ASEA. You can learn more about The ASEA Compensation Plan here. As of the end of 2019 ASEA had paid out over $300 Million in commissions to over 10,000s associates worldwide, creating 24 Members of the Million Dollar Earners Club! And the best part? We are just getting started!


You have probably heard it said that timing is everything. Did you know 95% of companies go out of business in their first 5 years? Those are the risky years! Did you also know that a successful Network Marketing company will often experience a period of exponential growth, called momentum? The sweet spot for any entrepreneur is to find a company that is Post Risk, but Pre Momentum! This is exactly where ASEA finds itself today, closing 2018 with $120 Million in Sales!


Finally, once you have picked a solid stable Network Marketing Company, with fantastic products, a generous compensation plan and exciting Timing, the only thing left is to find the right team to work with. People with experience and integrity who can teach, train and mentor you to achieve the success you believe you deserve? People who have the right systems and tools in place to maximize your success! You want to align yourself with a team and leaders who have a proven track record of success. We are that team!

“The levers that you pull to get fast growth, are not the same as the levers you pull for legacy growth. ASEA’s focus is to be a great legacy company.”

– Chuck Funke, ASEA CEO