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“The discovery of Redox Signaling, is one of the most important medical breakthroughs of our lifetime. Redox signaling molecules are the deepest cell signaling molecules ever discovered. They are naturally produced in the mitochondria and the cell and control all cellular health functions. They live and work at the interface of energy and matter, where cellular communication activates biological programming and animates all cell processes – including the energy of life itself”Dr Lee Ostler, Author of Redox Matters

ASEA Global has invested a tremendous amount of resources, working with independent scientific institutions, to prove the validity and credibility of its category creating Redox Signaling Technology. Once thought “impossible”, ASEA Redox now stands as one of the most significant health science breakthroughs of the last 50 years.

There is a big difference between “patent pending” and having actual patents filed and accepted by the US Patent Office! The ASEA REDOX and RENU 28 technology is currently protected by 7 active patents, and over 200 trade secrets covering all aspects of the manufacturing process.

ASEA Redox & Health

Redox Certified
ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement and RENU28 Redox Gel, are produced in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified facility. Every batch is rigorously tested in-house. However, to further validate internal testing, we have established partnerships with sophisticated and accredited chemical-analytical laboratories. These third-party labs offer a wide catalog of assay kits and electrochemical devices, to help us measure multiple redox parameters. Their teams include chemists, biotechnologists, and biologists, with industrial and postdoctoral experience. They monitor and analyze data markers, such as total antioxidant capacity (TAC), enzymatic activity, phenolic compounds, and reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ASEA Redox Safety Study
ASEA commissioned Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to study the toxicity response of eukaryotic cells, when in contact with ASEA Redox Supplement. Eukaryotic cells contain an array of cellular structures that play important roles in energy balance, metabolism, and gene expression.

It was shown that direct exposure of cells to relatively high concentrations of ASEA Redox Supplement (the equivalent to replacing 20% of a blood plasma solution with ASEA Redox), did not register a significant toxic response, as measured by nuclear translocation. Based on these results, ASEA Redox Supplement, orally administered, does not manifest a toxic or inflammatory response to exposed tissue.

Up to 31% Increase in Gene Expression
In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, 60 participants were divided into three groups, 25 in the active group (ASEA REDOX), 25 in the placebo group (saline placebo), and 10 in the control group (did not drink either ASEA REDOX or placebo). It is important to note that the placebo was the same saline used to create the ASEA REDOX for this study but did not contain ASEA’s patented redox molecules.

(Editor’s Note: The positive results of ASEA REDOX, over the saline solution that ASEA is made from, should be considered definitive proof, even for the most dedicated skeptic, that ASEA is NOT a bottle of salt water, despite being made from salt and water)

Each participant, except for the control group, drank 4 ounces of ASEA REDOX or placebo twice daily. Participants’ blood was drawn at week zero and at week eight. Results showed a 20 – 31% difference in gene expression abundance in five genes that play a vital role in five human health areas; Immune Function, Inflammatory Response, Cardiovascular Health, Digestive Health and Hormone Modulation. These genes are also involved in dozens of other pathways that also positively impact many other areas of human health.

Up to 60% Increase in NRF2 Activation
NRF2 is one type of transcription factor that regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins that protect against oxidative damage, triggered by injury and inflammation. Results showed that ASEA Redox Supplement induces up to a 60% increase in the nuclear translocation (activation) of the NRF2 transcription factor in the cells.

NRF2 directly and dramatically amplifies the innate ability to produce antioxidant protection by signaling DNA. Activating NRF2 with the ASEA Redox Supplement triggers the production of antioxidant molecules, such as Glutathione, which provide protection against the effects of free radicals, compared to standard antioxidant supplements.

40% to 55% Increase in Glutathione Production
Glutathione is an endogenous antioxidant (made inside your cells as opposed to exogenous antioxidants found in fruits and berries) and is considered the Master Antioxidant. Cells that were exposed to redox signaling molecules overnight showed an increase in the intracellular level of Glutathione by 40% compared to the untreated control group.

Furthermore, treating cells with BSO, a glutathione blocker, (thus mimicking compromised cells) and then exposing them to redox signaling molecules resulted in an 55% increase in Glutathione production over the untreated control group.

15% increase in C. elegans Lifespan
C. elegans is a nematode worm and although it is significantly anatomically simpler than a human, it does however share many similarities at the genetic level, making it a good candidate for a model organism. When given ASEA Redox 3 times a week, C. Elegans showed approximately a 15% increase within their 3-week lifespan.

Reduction in Oxidized LDL Cholesterol 
In a double-blind placebo study conducted by David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM, of Appalachian State University, 106 women consumed four ounces of ASEA Redox Supplement per day for 90 days. The results showed significant results with study participants experiencing reduced oxidative stress biomarkers. *

In particular, they experienced a 6.3% lowering of the oxidized form of LDL cholesterol, suggesting that ASEA Redox Supplement may help reduce oxidative stress and support cardiovascular health.

*ASEA Redox Supplement ingestion over 12 weeks was associated with lower 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), an oxidized nucleoside of DNA and biomarker of generalized, cellular oxidative stress.

Improved Apoptosis of Stressed Cells
ia, a group of proteins, is usually secreted to instigate cell death in damaged or dysfunctional tissues, allowing surrounding healthy cells to divide and fill in voids. Thus, increasing the sensitivity to cachexin in dysfunctional cells, may help accelerate such a process.

In this experiment, cell cultures with normal random cell cycles and cultures approaching confluence (end-of-life), received increasing concentrations of cachexin stressor. Exposure to ASEA Redox Supplement caused no significant change in the response of the normal random cycling cells to cachexin. However, cultures approaching confluence (end of life cycle) exposed to ASEA Redox Supplement exhibited increased sensitivity to cachexin, restoring behavior comparable to that of normal cells.

“Life is nothing but an electron looking for a place to rest.”

ASEA Redox & Athletes

WADA Certified
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an international independent agency that leads the collaborative worldwide movement for doping-free sports. The prohibited list, ranging from stimulants and narcotics to gene doping, includes over 200 banned substances. ASEA Redox Supplement is WADA certified to give every athlete in all countries the confidence that they can experience the ASEA Athletic Advantage without risk.

Significant Shift in 43 Metabolites
20 Cyclists participated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study. Subjects completed two 75km time trials after 1 week ingestion of 118 mL/d ASEA or placebo. Linear modeling found that ASEA supplementation caused a significant shift in 43 metabolites pre-exercise, especially free fatty acids, suggesting an enhanced fat oxidation and amino acid sparing, with an increase in ascorbic acid, during exercise. Within the context of this study, 1-wk ASEA supplementation caused extensive fatty acid mobilization before and during exercise.

This was a peer review study published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

29% Increased in Endurance (Mouse Study)
In the previously mentioned study, ASEA found increased fatty acid mobilization in cyclists after 7 days of ingestion. It was hypothesized, that run time to exhaustion would be favorably influenced by ASEA intake due to enhanced fatty acid oxidation and muscle glycogen sparing.

In a double-blind placebo study with 60 mice, ASEA Redox increased run time to exhaustion by 29%, potentially through less inhibition of fatty acid oxidation via increased P-ACC, and muscle glycogen sparing of 30%.

This was a peer review study published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

Scientific Validation of RENU 28

Dermatest 5 Star Excellence Award
Dermatest is one of the largest and most respected dermatological institutions in Europe. They awarded RENU 28 their coveted 5-star seal of excellence, due to the safety and effectiveness of the product.

 In a 4-week study, participants experienced the following average improvements.

  • 21% Reduction in Wrinkle Depth
  • 23% in Overall Wrinkles
  • 20% improvement in Elasticity
  • 22% improvement in Texture
  • 23% improvement in Smoothness
  • 11% improvement in Skin Moisture

16% Reduction in Appearance of Cellulite
In the study, 30 females aged 18 and older who had cellulite, used RENU 28 twice a day, for a 12-week period. In the cellulite test area, the use of ultrasound measurement showed improvement in the thickness and density of the skin. The measurements were performed in the same position and at the same sites before and after the 12 week in-use-period. The participants experienced an average reduction of 15.81% in the appearance of cellulite, with the reduction in size of adipose lobules after the application period of 12 weeks.

20% Increase in Elasticity of Thigh Skin
Continuing from the cellulite study above, in the second test area, RENU 28 showed an increase in both the elasticity and hydration of the skin, both of which resulted in improved function and appearance of the skin. After 12 weeks, researchers used a cutometer sensor to measure the results, and saw that the participants had an increase of 20.91 percent in skin elasticity. This is important, considering that with age, skin loses its elasticity, or ability to bounce back to shape upon stretch, which results in the appearance of wrinkles.

16% Improvement in Skin Cell Renewal
In an independent study by Stephens & Associates, participants experienced a 16% faster cell turnover rate using RENU 28, taking the typical turnover time from 28-42 days to 24–36 days, shaving four to six days off normal cell renewal. These are the results after only 30 days of RENU 28 use. This study established a baseline for additional cell turnover research on prolonged use and true skin anti-aging from the cellular level.

50% Improvement Skin Blood Flow
In a 2015 research study by Stephens & Associates, the following results were measured on participants’ forearms, comparing the arm where the topical redox supplement RENU 28 was applied to the control arm:

  • 49% blood flow increase within 15 minutes of first application
  • 55% blood flow increase 96 hours into the study

The benefits of blood flow and can be seen in the following ways: Healthy and radiant skin • Even complexion • Relief from dry skin • Stretch mark reduction • Decreased appearance of cellulite • Reduction in appearance of spider veins • Better circulation in hands and feet • Reduced swelling and water retention

Additional Documentation

The Science Behind ASEA Redox

“The science of cell signaling and reduction-oxidation, and how cells talk to each other, is one of today’s most exciting field in medical research. What used to be referred to as “free radical biology and medicine” is now being referred to as “redox biology and medicine,” recognizing the more fundamental role which redox signaling plays with health.

Redox activated “cell talk” is how cells know to respond to and prevent oxidation and inflammation. This is the innate detect, repair and replace mechanism built into our cellular blueprints. Redox Signaling activates it! This is “The Inner Doctor”. When it is awake and well, we are too! Without it, we have wrinkles, weight gain, lost memories, hurting joints, vascular problems, immune disorders, accelerated aging, hormone problems and much more medical intervention” – Dr Lee Ostler, Author of Redox Matters

Another great resource independent to ASEA, is The Redox Doc website, that was created by the late Dr. Robertson Ward.

Please note. ASEA Redox is NOT intended as a treatment or cure for any disease or medical condition.