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All of the ASEA products are sold through a network of independent Associates. Instead of paying famous movie stars to recommend a product they don’t use or even like, ASEA instead believes those advertising dollars should go to individuals who have personal experience in using in using the products.  Based on this Referral Marketing model, it is recommended that you get back to the person who introduced you to ASEA and allow them the opportunity to earn your business.


PREFERRED CUSTOMER: It is free to become an ASEA Preferred Customer. As a PC you can purchase any of the ASEA products at Associate prices, by simply choosing a very user-friendly monthly autoship. This can be changed or cancelled at any time. I repeat – AT ANY TIME. You are in complete control. You can also accumulate Loyalty Reward Points between 5-20% on your monthly auto-ship orders. These Loyalty Reward Points can be cashed in for FREE ASEA product! Buy ASEA or RENU 28 as a Preferred Customer

RETAIL CUSTOMER: This is a one time order at full retail price (25% over PC and Associate price). There is no autoship requirement.  Buy ASEA or RENU 28 as a Retail Customer

All ASEA product purchases, both as a retail or preferred customer, come with a 30 day unconditional empty bottle money back guarantee! In other words. There is no risk when it comes to improving your health with ASEA’s powerful redox signaling technology!


Perhaps you would also like to share the ASEA technology with others and earn referral commissions to cover the cost of your own product, earn some additional income or more!  For more details on becoming an ASEA Associate, visit the JOIN ASEA page


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“The Redox Signaling process is remarkable because it is the process that allows us to regenerate tissue and maintain our normal function and capacities. This technology has the potential to spearhead the greatest advances in health we have ever seen.!”

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