According to a medical health survey, less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle!

An unhealthy lifestyle is a health hazard. Life-threatening, but preventable, systemic diseases emerge from the underlying unhealthy lifestyle modalities.

At the dietary supplement company of ASEA in Utah USA, we believe in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle to maintain active physical and mental health. Unhealthy lifestyle choices drive you to take inadequate decisions.

Your performance at work and home declines and your ability to look through different situations decline rationally.

According to research, an unhealthy lifestyle in adolescents and adults is a risk factor for mental health disorders. Another research claims that an unhealthy lifestyle coupled with genetics links to a high all-cause mortality rate.

Regardless of age, you can always reclaim a healthy lifestyle with ASEA Redox Supplement!

Healthy Diet & ASEA Redox Supplement

According to statistics, 80% of Americans eat fast food at a restaurant despite knowing the associated hazards. Moreover, 53% of men and 42% of women eat fast food regularly! The statistics are quite disapproving.

Excessive consumption of unhealthy fast food or junk food is the biggest risk factor for obesity.

Currently, more than 50% of Americans are obese. Among the obese individuals, only 20% follow the recommendations for fruits and vegetables. Obesity is itself the prime risk factor for several cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders.

Everyone, including you, should prefer a healthy diet over fast food. For better and quicker results take ASEA Redox Supplement. It facilitates enzyme production and improves gut health.

Drink 2-4 ounces of ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement daily. You can also divide the total amount into two doses. Do not drink ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement directly from the bottle. Pour it into a clean, non-metal or disposable cup. Make sure you wait 5 minutes after drinking ASEA before eating or drinking anything else.

This supplement activates genetic pathways that act on your gastrointestinal system. Healthy digestion provides you with healthy appetite and satiety levels. Every human body has an active gut-brain axis that is fairly functional.

Poor gut health often leads to a poor mental state. Coherent thoughts and an organized mentality are secondary to a healthy lifestyle via a healthy diet and ASEA Redox Supplement.

Exercise & ASEA Redox Supplement

With the advancement in technology, a sedentary lifestyle has become a luxurious adaptation. Whether it is home or workplace, people have gadgets and everything is remote-controlled. The tradition of physical activity is reducing day by day to a dangerous extent.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), more than 60% of Americans do not engage in the recommended amount of activity. Around 25% of US adults are not active at all!

Furthermore, according to the national physical activity guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), only 23% of Americans get sufficient exercise.

An unhealthy diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is an alarming risk factor for the prevalence of life-threatening conditions. World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that 1 in every 4 adults and 4 in every 5 adolescents do not get enough physical activity.

As disappointing as the statistics are, you can stop being a victim of the lavish remote-controlled lifestyle at any time! Work-from-home, online education and internet shopping is the reality of today’s world. However, you can adapt a routine of exercise in parallel to the world on-screen.

In the US alone, obesity is the leading cause of mortality. You can prevent obesity-induced inflammatory conditions by adopting exercise and ASEA Redox Supplement. This supplement inhibits unhealthy inflammatory reactions in the body and promotes healthy cardiovascular functioning. It prevents arterial rigidity and allows healthy blood circulation.

As mentioned earlier, take 2-4 ounces of ASEA Redox Supplement daily. You can reclaim a healthy lifestyle with exercise and 100% safe and non-toxic ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement.

Healthy Sleep & ASEA Redox Supplement

At the end of an exhausting day, a good night’s sleep is everything that matters. According to Sleep Organization, adults need an optimum sleep of seven to nine hours. However, sleep is not a priority for most professionals around the world.

From medical professionals and corporate experts to fashion industry enthusiasts and IT experts, sound sleep has become a distant luxury. 35.2% of Americans report sleeping for less than seven hours every night. Insufficient sleep wakes up to an irritating and reluctant morning.

Often, people do not feel productive and are likely to put up bad behaviour and insufficient attention, both at work and home.

To increase productivity and attention span, it is best to attain sleep for optimum hours every night. Before going to bed, make sure you have minimal or no screen time. The blue rays from the screen inhibit the release of melatonin preventing you to sleep well.

Moreover, it is best to use ASEA Redox Supplement to regulate sleep. This supplement is native to the human body. Thus, it modulates hormone balance to support vitality and wellness. You can take 2-4 ounces of ASEA Redox Supplement every day. You can take half of the recommended dose after waking up in the morning and the remaining dose before going to bed. Make sure you take this supplement on empty stomach.

You can reclaim a healthy lifestyle with optimum sleep and ASEA Redox Supplement.

ASEA Redox Supplement exceeds all expectations in terms of health. This supplement is for everyone at home, at work or even away for vacations.

You can reclaim a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, exercise, optimum sleep and ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement. This easy-to-carry and easy-to-use supplement restores cellular activity improving the immune system, gut health, cardiovascular functioning and, therefore, overall health.

Take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle and soon you will conquer the destination! All you need is the drive to prove yourself healthy and well. Years later from today, you will be grateful to yourself for choosing ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement.

You can make this supplement a partner in your attempt at all the healthy lifestyle approaches. We only aim to provide you with a healthy outlook so you can become a healthier and more active version of yourself.


How long does it take for ASEA redox to work?

Tests have proven that cellular biomarkers respond to ASEA within thirty minutes of consumption, so it begins to work right away. This supplement purely consists of salt water. Since it is a natural extract, it is likely to begin working immediately. Consistent use of this supplement is beneficial in long run.

What is the active ingredient in ASEA?

The ASEA beverage is a special oral formulation produced from a pure saline solution containing 123 mg sodium and 129 mg chloride per 4 oz.

What is ASEA redox supplement used for?

ASEA REDOX is produced in an FDA and NSF-registered facility and is certified by an independent third-party lab to contain active redox signalling molecules. ASEA REDOX can positively affect gene expression throughout the body, helping protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at their optimal levels.

Is ASEA good for the heart?

The ASEA VIA® line offers a fresh source of omega-3s in one award-winning product. According to the CDC, in the US alone one person dies every 37 seconds from cardiovascular disease. By the same statistics, approximately 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year.

Why does ASEA redox taste like chlorine?

ASEA Redox does not contain chlorine. However, chlorine is created in ASEA Redox Supplement’s pristine saline solution as a by-product of the patented process it goes through to create redox signalling molecules.

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