The leaders today work endlessly to provide the best for the people around them. Today, the work pace is faster and working hours busier than in earlier times. Each cell in your body is busy with you. Planning for execution occupies the time for rest and refreshment.

Surprisingly, we can’t trace this incessant approach of investing time, effort, mind and money into the passed time. Without realizing it, the steady change soon possessed our lifestyle. Today, we give our mind, mood and energy to the workplace. Now it is time, to revolutionize the current lifestyle by incorporating an upgrade in cellular performance.

ASEA encourages you to prioritize health and yourself!

In the laboratory of ASEA, scientists have been experimenting with the efficacy of different substances for the past decade. After spending thousands of hours carefully experimenting and analysing, ASEA selected ingredients beneficial for your cellular performance.

The health experts at ASEA formulated a supplement to help your cells reach redox homeostasis easily and effectively. ASEA brings you the ASEA Cell Performance supplement. With this supplement, you can choose to boost your mind, mood and energy anywhere at any time! This is your personalized healthcare supplement that is ready to give your cellular performance a kick-start, boost and maintain your energy levels.

ASEA Cell Performance is your definite first step!

ASEA Cell Performance: REDOXEnergy, REDOXMind, & REDOXMood

ASEA Cell Performance supplement is a powdered blend of the best ingredients. It contains no artificial flavours, sugars, preservatives or colour.

ASEA uses stevia extracts to sweeten the supplement. ASEA acknowledges the allergic rationale across the globe therefore, none of the top eight allergens have been added into the formulation of this cell redox supplement. These allergens as identified by FDA are recognised in milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and soybeans.

This supplement is available in three different flavours; citrus-flavoured REDOXEnergy, Berry-flavored REDOXMind, and tropical-flavoured REDOXMood. All three flavours are absolutely vegan!

The Cell Performance supplements are available in the form of tasty packets. A carton of this energy supplement contains 30 stick packs. You can avail these easy-to-use packets wherever you want whether at home, work, gym or even travelling.  The formula of ASEA Cell Performance is based on redox principles. The innovative redox signalling technology and carefully selected ingredients enhance cellular performance so you develop the boost and perform energetically. 

In the US, the recommended retail price for each carton of Cell Performance is $62 whereas, the wholesale price is $50. 

How To Use ASEA Cell Performance?

ASEA Cell Performance supplement packets are easy-to-carry. Carry one in your bag and drink whenever you are convenient. Open the packet of the desired flavour and add all contents to any beverage, except alcohol: preferably water and juices. Shake or stir the beverage well and drink!

For best results, drink the supplement within 15 minutes. You may notice some powder blends undissolved in the beverage. This is because the blend contains natural herbs instead of artificial fillers therefore, the powder does not dissolve completely. Each drink mix contains 5 calories per serving.

Moreover, you can choose your favourite flavour or flavour according to your need but, you can also mix more than one flavour together. Each Cell Performance supplement works independently. 

REDOXEnergy: Sustained Cellular Energy

The refreshing citrus flavour of REDOXEnergy contains an extra boost of energy with a blend of Powered by Redox™ ingredients. This supplement increases coenzymes, antioxidants and metabolic function ultimately enhancing energy output.

REDOXEnergy supports the synthesis of ATP, the currency of energy in your body. Moreover, it facilitates your system to extract more energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This Cell Performance supplement boosts and stabilizes energy levels to provide sustained energy so you don’t stop performing better. 

Health experts at ASEA carefully chose ingredients for REDOXEnergy. The ingredients include;

  • Natural Guarana – contains natural and rich caffeine, less than a cup of coffee, to improve your alertness and support cellular balance
  • L-Theanine – offers neuronal protection and brain cell efficiency to improve your concentration span and elevate mood
  • Ginseng extract – herbal supplement to overcome oxidative stress and boost energy and focus level
  • Vitamin B6 & B12 – encourages brain and nerve function relieves stress and boosts natural energy level and cognitive performance

According to an independent 3-week consumer testing study conducted in 2022, 82% of the consumers experienced energy levels and 76% felt REDOXEnergy provides good-for-you energy!

REDOXMind: Sustained Cellular Cognitive Performance

The lush rich berry flavour of REDOXMind has a promising effect on your mind for better clarity with a blend of Powered by Redox™ ingredients. This supplement sharpens your focus, memory, clarity, thinking and cognitive function. After years of working, the cellular performance of the brain declines.

Oxidative stress and ill regulation of neurotransmitters produce exhaustion and frustration. This ultimately results in a short temper, loss of focus and decline in cognitive performance. REDOXMind is a one-stop solution to alleviate your mental clarity!

Health experts at ASEA carefully chose ingredients for REDOXMind. The ingredients include;

  • Red-orange Complex – improves spatial and recognition memory by regulating the level of glutathione (GSH) and antioxidant enzymes level
  • Nicotinamide Mononucleotide – prevents brain cell disruptions and helps healthy ageing of the brain
  • Zinc – actively contributes in building and maintaining focus by managing neurotransmitters and reducing the tendency of the mind to distract
  • Nootropic Blend – regulates memory as well as retrieves and relays information by managing brain neurotransmitters

According to an independent 3-week consumer testing study conducted in 2022, 86% of the consumers experienced an increase in focusing on the task at hand, 76% felt REDOXMind provides good-for-you energy, and 82% felt more focused and accomplished more and 80% felt REDOXMind assisted with mental clarity!

REDOXMood: Sustained Cellular Calmness & Good Mood

The premium tropical flavour of REDOXMood works on your nerves and hormones to calm you down and elevate your mood in no time. This is your go-to drink to wash off worries and stress and regain composure to combat all challenges!

Health experts at ASEA carefully chose ingredients for REDOXMind. The ingredients include; 

  • L-Tyrosine – regulates mood by expression of redox enzymes
  • GABA – reduces oxidative stress in the central nervous system and improves redox balance and enhances neurotransmitters to elevate mood
  • Rhodiola Rosea & Ashwagandha – draw the feeling of relaxation by regulating stress hormones
  • Vitamin B & Natural herbs – regulate stress hormones and improve relaxation
  • Saffron – improves sleep and mood 

According to an independent 3-week consumer testing study conducted in 2022, 86% of the consumers experienced an increase in focusing on the task at hand, 80% experienced improved mood 77% felt REDOXMood helped them stay cool and calm!

ASEA Cell Performance is a blend of natural ingredients to nourish your cellular performance so your energy, mind and mood stay perfect throughout the day!


What is ASEA product?

ASEA is salt water that contains electrically charged “redox signalling molecules,” which apparently signal cells to rejuvenate themselves. If you take the ASEA water as directed, these molecules are supposed to help your tissues regenerate and recover at a high rate.

Does Renu 28 expire?

The shelf life of RENU 28 is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

How many countries is ASEA in?

ASEA was founded in 2007. Since then, it has become a world-recognized corporate industry. With more than 30,000 active associates, ASEA is known for its dietary health supplements. It is an intergovernmental organization of ten Southeast Asian countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Who is Verdis Norton?

Verdis Norton is the founder of ASEA, a dietary health supplement company.

Who is the CEO of ASEA?

Charles Funke is the CEO of ASEA Company. He was appointed as the CEO in 2014 and has been serving in this position to date. The founder of ASEA is Verdis Norton.

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