1.   What is ASEA?

 ASEA, founded in 2007 and officially launched in 2009, is located in Utah, USA. This international company functions under marketing strategies of direct selling and Multiple-Level Marketing (MLM). Currently, ASEA has over 30,000 active associates.  Moreover, the company operates on a production site of 33,000 square feet where it produces 15,000 products every week.

Typically, ASEA means from the sea. The literality of the name signals the endless power of the sea to heal and rejuvenate any compromise. ASEA aims to work on the cellular level of the human body to improve health and wellness and also promote personal growth.

2.   What are the products of ASEA?

ASEA launched five products: ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement, ASEA Renu 28, ASEA Cell Performance, ASEA RenuAdvanced and ASEA VIA. All products are FDA- and NSF-verified. Each product undergoes individual third-party testing to ensure efficacy and safety.

The ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement provides balanced and stabilized redox signalling molecules to the body.

ASEA Renu 28 is a concentrated, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben- and preservative-free topical gel that rejuvenates your skin.

ASEA Cell Performance is available in three different flavours; citrus-flavoured REDOXEnergy, berry-flavoured REDOXMind, and tropical-flavoured REDOXMood.

ASEA RenuAdvanced is an advanced skin care system that consists of a Foaming Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Glow Serum and Hydrating Cream.

ASEA VIA is a nutritional supplement that provides your body with nutritional input. It is available in ASEA VIA Source™, ASEA VIA Biome™, ASEA VIA LifeMax™ and ASEA VIA Omega™.

3.   How do the products of ASEA work?

ASEA is salt water containing electrically charged redox signalling molecules. These molecules direct the cells to revitalize, tissue to regenerate and ensure recovery at a remarkable rate.

4.   Which ASEA product is best for me?

ASEA carefully designed and formulated the products according to your requirement. Go through your daily requirements and recognize what suits you the best. Everyone, whether you are a stay-at-home mother, student or corporate employee, can use ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement.

ASEA Cell Performance: REDOXEnergy, REDOXMind, & REDOXMood is best for everyone with a physically and mentally hectic routine. By the end of the day, the energy, mood and mind need a boost! ASEA Renu 28 and ASEA RenuAdvanced are for everyone who desires youthful flawless skin. ASEA VIA, the nutritional supplement, is for people running low on energy or battling an acute medical condition.

5.   Is the ASEA formula legit?

Yes! ASEA is a 100% legitimate and reliable company. All products are formulated on the basis of authentic technology in a highly equipped laboratory. Redox signalling molecules are the by-product of the activity of mitochondria. Mitochondria, a cellular organelle, is the powerhouse of cells. It is responsible for producing ATPs. ATPS are the currency of energy of the human body. When mitochondria produce ATPs it also produces redox signalling molecules. These molecules signal at the genetic and cellular levels to boost. On the basis of this natural phenomenon that continuously takes place in your body, ASEA re-produces it in the laboratory.


6.   Is ASEA FDA-approved?

Yes, it is! The redox signalling water is FDA- and NSF-approved registered facility. Third-party labs certify the supplement to contain active redox signalling molecules. Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) undeniably approved the positive effect of ASEA on gene expression throughout the body. It aids to protect and revitalize the body systems at a cellular level and maintain their functions at optimal levels. Consumption of ASEA directs your body to function better. With no side effects and complications, this FDA-approved product is ready to flourish! Other than FDA and NSF, several laboratory tests have also approved the health aspects of ASEA. There is no other FDA-approved dietary supplement that aims at facilitating people at their financial level.

7.   How can I become a part of ASEA network marketing?

Step 1: Visit the following link: Sign Up as a New ASEA Associate

Step 2: Select your required business kit for $40.

Step 3: Select your discounted enrollment products: ASEA, RENU 28 or Combo

Step 4: Select your optional Autoship package to receive ASEA monthly at the discounted rate

Step 5: Fill out the online application

Step 6: Click “next” to pay for the product,

shipping, taxes and associate fee

Step 7: Enjoy ASEA and if you are still not satisfied

after 29 days, we offer a full refund!

8.   Does ASEA cure COVID-19 infection?

No, ASEA does not cure COVID-19 infection. This is a notice for all the associates and customers that ASEA products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ASEA does not claim that its products prevent or cure COVUD-19 infection. Any claim about our products is a violation of our company policies. We strongly prohibit this act.

9.   Is ASEA beneficial for athletes?

Yes, ASEA is beneficial for athletes! ASEA is a balanced, highly-potent and immune-boosting supplement. It has been tested and retested several times to confirm authenticity and credibility in athletics and sports. ASEA is the perfect, performance-improving, non-doping supplement that does not affect your body reports. It works on the innate functions of your body so you can upgrade your physical and mental endurance.

10.   What does the research say about ASEA Redox Signaling Supplement?

A laboratory conducted a survey to test the oxygen intake, CO2 buildup, and heart rate in a strenuous endurance test. For this survey, athletes were the target subjects. The record was collected before and after two weeks of ASEA supplementation. According to the data collected, athletes developed a profound increase in their VT i.e. ventilator threshold – the time to hit the runners’ wall. Overall, their time at VT increased by 12%. This is a remarkable figure! Some athletes displayed an increase in power output and endurance by 30%! Subsequently, the athletes also note reduced average heart rate and decreased tendency of fatigue and soreness after their performance.

11.   Why should I become an associate of ASEA?

Unlike a corporate job, a home-business owner working under MLM has an endless capacity to generate income. With a nine-to-five desk job, you earn fixed digits regardless of how much you work. With ASEA, the more you invest your skill set of dedication, effort and marketing, the more you earn. Your earnings depend on you instead of a contract. Moreover, the business is all yours. Home-based business owners offering ASEA products and recruiting new distributors don’t need employees. The task begins and ends with you. ASEA gives you the opportunity to build your own business without employees! The best aspect is earning additional financial incentives every time a buyer becomes a distributor. With minimum financial input, you are likely to develop the skill set and produce benefits in the early period of the business. You do not need hefty capital for the initiation of a home-based business with ASEA.


In how many days does ASEA work?

Most people start seeing results from ASEA products within five to seven days. ASEA even has a health awareness form to track changes in the body before and during using their products so consumers can focus on the positive changes they do see.

What are the benefits of ASEA?

Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity. Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production. Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness.

What are the ingredients in RENU 28?

RENU 28 is made with water, sodium magnesium silicate, disodium phosphate, and sodium chloride. In this product, sodium chloride is the key ingredient! It is used to make redox signalling molecules. Sodium magnesium silicate is used as a thickening agent. It also works as an emulsifier in RENU 28.

What does redox gel do?

RENU 28 is a concentrated, topical gel that provides whole-body skin therapy to revitalize your skin’s health and appearance. The unique Redox Signaling Technology behind RENU 28 empowers communication at the cellular level which helps to rejuvenate your body’s skin cells.

How much ASEA is sufficient per day?

Take at least two ounces once or twice a day. Many customers find better results by increasing to four ounces per serving during the first month. Take ASEA straight – do not mix with anything. Use plastic or glass cups when drinking ASEA.

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