ASEA is a world-recognized successful enterprise. Thousands of customers across the world rely on the authentic formula of ASEA for their health and skincare demands. This Utah-based company was founded in 2007. After its official launch in 2009, this company sky-rocketed!

This international company runs on the basis of network marketing, more particularly Multiple-Level Marketing (MLM) and direct selling. After months and years of investment of capital and efforts, today ASEA operates on a production site of 33,000 square feet producing 15,000 products every week.

The name of the company, ASEA, illuminates the original mindset. ASEA means from the sea. The literality of the name signals the endless power of the sea to heal and rejuvenate any compromise. ASEA aims to work on the cellular level of the human body to improve health and wellness and also promote personal growth.

By now, you are well aware of the market statistics and value of ASEA. Let’s give you a brief insight into network marketing and its advantages for every business owner.

Network Marketing: How Does It Work?

You may come across Multiple-Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Marketing during your research before starting a home-based business. Network marketing, MLM and direct marketing are synonymous.

According to this business model, ASEA relies on a network of distributors for growth. The systemic strategies of network marketing for generating revenue include lead generation, recruiting and building and management. Generally speaking, network marketing has three levels; single-tier, double-tier and multiple-level marketing. ASEA solely runs on Multiple-Level Marketing (MLM). 

Since ASEA is a huge network, therefore single-tier marketing is not purposeful. In this type of marketing, distributors would sign up at a company but not recruit further associates. Furthermore, in double-tier networking, the distributors who sign up at a company can recruit distributors but they don’t receive payment on this basis. The payment in double-tier marketing is for direct sales only.

In both single- and double-tier marketing, the number of distributors is limited therefore it is likely to become a hindrance to the growth of ASEA.

On the other hand, MLM is a lucrative marketing strategy for ASEA! This monetary strategy refers to direct connections of ASEA with a team of home-based retailers, distributors, salespeople and contractors.

ASEA provides products to them and directs them to sell the products to potential customers. The company allows the seller to collect a percentage of the profit and encourages the sellers to recruit new distributors. In this business strategy, product selling works in layers of members. Each layer receives a pre-decided set of offers and commissions by ASEA.

This chain, gradually expanding to hundreds and thousands of participants, continues offering remarkable benefits to ASEA.

Benefits Of Network Marketing

The Success Of ASEA With Network Marketing

The strong team of brainstorming marketers at ASEA produced long-term success over time. With sincerity and genuine enthusiasm, anyone can become a good marketer. Here are the benefits of network marketing that ASEA observed throughout the years!

Minimal Risk

ASEA believes in providing a low-risk chance of sustaining a home-based business with low operating costs. With numerous businesses around, it is quite evident business models require heavy capital to begin. Home-based businesses with MLM ensure freedom from operating costs.

The participation of an experienced business mentor in guiding and outlining your performance is a bonus. With minimum financial input, you are likely to develop the skill set and produce benefits in the early period of the business. You do not need hefty capital for the initiation of a home-based business with ASEA.

Unlike traditional businesses, business owners don’t need to invest huge sums of money.

As per business facts, investment is a risk! However, with ASEA you can earn maximum with minimal investment cutting down the risk to a minimum.

Residual Income

Unlike a corporate job, a home-business owner working under MLM, has an endless capacity to generate income. With a nine-to-five desk job, you earn a fixed amount regardless of how much you work.

With ASEA, the more you invest your skill set of dedication, effort and marketing, the more you earn. Your earnings depend on you instead of a contract.

No Recruitment of Employees

You are the owner of the business. You sell products to a potential consumer and they recruit new distributors, not employees. Home-based business owners offering ASEA products and recruiting new distributors don’t need employees. The task begins and ends with you. ASEA gives you the opportunity to build your own business without employees!

The best aspect is earning additional financial incentives every time a buyer becomes a distributor. You have the privilege to work wherever and whenever you want to. The distributors of ASEA are not responsible for any checks and balances of other distributors.

Demand for Organic Products

In this era, customers expect companies to provide quality organic products. ASEA truly respects consumer choice and believes in providing the most organic and high-quality products. Undeniably, potential customers believe other customers. Back in the time when ASEA had freshly launched the first line of supplements, the customers appreciated the quality of products we supply.

Over time, the trust of customers strengthened and today internet reviews and feedback to distributors ensure leverage to revenue. With network marketing, people as distributors of ASEA help other people grow. They sell ASEA products and recruit new distributors giving them a chance to earn similar profit and market confidence.

How to become an ASEA associate?

Here is how you can become an ASEA associate!

Step 1: Visit the following link: Sign Up as a New ASEA Associate

Step 2: Select your required business kit for $40.

Step 3: Select your discounted enrollment products: ASEA, RENU 28 or Combo

Step 4: Select your optional Autoship package to receive ASEA monthly at the discounted rate

Step 5: Fill out the online application

Step 6: Click “next” to pay for the product, shipping, taxes and associate fee

Step 7: Enjoy ASEA and if you are still not satisfied after 29 days, we offer a full refund!



Even though many individuals consider the MLM business model to be a pyramid scheme, ASEA, on the other hand, is technically a legitimate MLM structure based on product sales. It’s a corporate pyramid, and it’s absolutely not a typical illicit pyramid scheme. Multiple rumours have been circulating about the authenticity of ASEA as an MLM scheme. ASEA denies each one of them.

Who owns ASEA Company?

The ABB Group of Heritage brand owns ASEA Company.

When was ASEA founded?

ASEA is a privately owned international direct selling and multi-level marketing company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States. Today, it is a multi-level marketing corporate industry with thousands of customers across the world. Verd

Who created ASEA?

Verdis Norton, an American business inspiration, created ASEA. It is his revolutionary passion and vision that gave birth to a growing direct-sales phenomenon – ASEA.

Can you make money with ASEA?

At every level of ASEA’s compensation plan, you can bring in extra income, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month. Average commissions at ASEA’s executive ranks look something like this: Calculations are based on 2018 weekly commissions data.



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