When it comes to choosing a great Network Marketing business, finding the right product is certainly key! 

ASEA REDOX is the perfect choice for a Network Marketing product thanks to its D.S.A.

ASEA REDOX Network Marketing Product
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So, it should be obvious that you want to find something that you are excited about, something that resonates with you. Most people are not good salespeople, but they can recommend something they genuinely believe in.

It’s not the words that you say, but the song that you sing, that matters. It has to be something that makes you sing. It’s how you feel about the product that is important.

I also mentioned in the five PS video that, unfortunately, there are some companies, shady kind of “money deals”, that masquerade as network marketing companies. These are the companies that give the network marketing industry a bad name.

A simple way to stay away from those companies is to ask yourself this critical question…

“Would I use this product or service, if there was no opportunity attached?”

A shady money deal does not have a legitimate product that has true value in the marketplace. The product is just a head fake, it is smoke and mirrors, to fuel a compensation plan.

If you cannot say yes to this simple question – “Would I use this product or service if there was no opportunity attached?” – then I would encourage you to stay clear of the company no matter how tantalizing the opportunity is!  

So let’s say you find a good product. Is it still a great product for a network marketing business opportunity? You may like it and you may get excited about. You may feel people need to know about it, but is it still a good fit for a network marketing opportunity?

Tyler Norton, founder of ASEA and brilliant thought leader, said “When you really evaluate a product, you want to look for a DSA.” 

Different Sustainable Advantage


The D stands for DIFFERENT. Is your product different, or is it just the same old, same old, an extension of something that has gone before it many times?

A blending of the other products that are out there. I left the network marketing industry for almost 8 years, because I couldn’t find a product that was truly different. I just saw the same old, same old that gets you into the “My daddy can beat up your daddy” conversations.

I was looking for that “solo voice rising above a crowded choir”. I wanted to go tell a story that had never been told before; and in this ASEA excels.

The ASEA Redox Technology is literally a new category of science. It is not an extension of something that came before. It is not a variation of a theme. It is not just another delivery system of a vitamin and mineral or an antioxidant.

The Redox Signaling Technology of ASEA literally represents a new category and a new class of science that we are bringing to the marketplace. A story that has never been told, inside or outside of network marketing.


  1. The S stands for SUSTAINABLE. Is your difference, sustainable?  You see it is okay to be different, but let’s say you have a great difference and then everybody jumps on your bandwagon. Now you are not different anymore.

There are now 101 companies doing what you are doing, and I can give you two classic examples.

Let’s take the exotic juice industry. This is one of the reasons I left network marketing. In the late 90s, Tahitian Noni showed up, with the Noni fruit from the Tahitian islands with all its mystical, magical properties.

They introduced the super fruit idea. But guess what? There are other super juices. There’s Mangosteen, Durian, Acai, Goji, etc. All of a sudden, there are 82 juice companies in network marketing! That does not include Costco, Sam’s Club, and the pomegranate juice in the grocery store. You may have been different for a few months or maybe even a year, but once everybody caught on, you are not different anymore, because you cannot patent a fruit or a berry.

The same thing is going on today is the CBD industry. That whole market gets opened up and there are one or two CBD companies. They are different for a very short period of time, then there are CBD products everywhere. How on earth do you get your voice heard?

You have to work extra hard, explaining why your CBD product is better than the other guys CBD product. I call this the “circus of network marketing”. I circus I have no interest being a clown in!

So ASEA comes along. It is different, but is that difference sustainable? We are 12+ years into this great ASEA adventure, and we still have no competition, no copycats.

Not only do we have this technology protected though patents, but we have gone an extra step. Let’s face it there are countries that really do not care about patent law. They will figure out a way to reverse engineer what you have, bringing a knockoff to the market. So we also back our technology with trade secrets.

Coca Cola is not a patented recipe. It is a secret recipe.  That is what has allowed us to have this incredible sustainability. Over a decade later, and we are still the only players in the rapidly emerging redox signaling marketplace.  It is hard to find a product that is different. It is even more rare to find a product where that difference is then sustainable.



There is no point being different and having a sustainable difference, just for the sake of it. Your product, whatever it is has to have a real ADVANTAGE.

There has to be a reason behind it.

In the health and wellness industry the obvious question is.. will this make a difference in my life and the life of my loved ones? And oh boy, does ASEA check that box! I have never seen a technology that impacts so many people’s lives in so many different ways.

We often see astonishing results. For so many people it truly is the missing link to better health and vitality. Some health products out there may hit one or two keys on the piano, where ASEA is hitting all 88. Why? Because redox signaling is absolutely foundational to all cellular activity at the molecular and even genetic level!  

It’s a true game changer!


Almost 30 years in the industry of Network Marketing and ASEA is the first company that checks all 3 boxes with their Redox Signaling Technology – Different, Sustainable, Advantage.

ASEA REDOX is the Network Marketing product of choice! In short, I challenge you to find a stronger product story in the entire network marketing industry.

I wish you all the success that you believe you deserve.

Alan Noble

Can I make money by joining a network marketing program?

Sure, why not! You can certainly make money by joining a network marketing program.

Some people enjoy great success in network marketing. This is mainly due to their ability to recruit more members to the network. In network marketing, there are two main sources of generating revenue: selling products, and commissions from sales made by team members down line. The more people there are down line from you, the more money you will make. In easier words, the larger the team you can recruit, the more money you can make. However, before you join this program make sure you do your research. Most people who join legitimate network marketing programs make little or no money. People may actually lose money. Some may become involved in an illegal pyramid scheme and not realize that they have joined a fraudulent venture, and can lose everything they invest. Do your research and ask around before diving in.

What is a network marketing product?

Network marketing is a business model that relies on a network of independent distributors to sell a product. Multi-level marketing is a type of network marketing where the salespeople also earn money by recruiting more salespeople.

What should I know before joining a network marketing company?

Before you join a network marketing company, you must know that money won’t come from day one. Patience is essential. More importantly, patience in the right and legitimate place is essential. You may fall victim to fraudulent schemes and companies. This way, you may lose money. This program has serious money for serious people only. So give it your time and effort. Also, you may be surprised to know that one of the fastest ways to fail at network marketing is to try to recruit your friends and family.

What does Bill Gates say about network marketing?

Bill Gates says that network marketing is no doubt a great opportunity for those who do not have enough financial as well as intellectual resources for developing their own business, services, or products.


Is network marketing a good business?

Network marketing is a serious business for serious people. It’s a proven system where the design, creation and expense the corporate team has gone through becomes a road map for your own success. Just follow the simple, proven and duplicable system that good companies provide.

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