When it comes to choosing a great Network Marketing business, you must take a close look at the people behind the company.

Do they demonstrate a commitment to integrity and principles? Key ingredients for building a true legacy focused company.

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Almost 30 years in the industry of Network Marketing and ASEA is the first company that checks all 3 boxes with their Redox Signaling Technology – Different, Sustainable, Advantage.

I challenge you to find a stronger product story in the entire network marketing industry.


We know the product is most people’s first introduction to a network marketing business opportunity. However,  If the company does not stay in business, does it really matter how great your product is?

 As I mentioned in the overview, as I was sharing the five P’s, the five pillars of a network marketing opportunity, this idea of legacy companies.  95% of companies fail in the first five years. And the truth is there are companies today that have a game plan for three to five years, and then they’re gone.

That leaves a lot of people with shattered dreams – the walking wounded of the network marketing business model. So the first thing to look for is a company with a track record or significant business experience.  

Our CEO, Chuck Funke states there are there are levers that you can pull to get fast growth, but they’re not the same levers that you pull to get legacy growth. I think our industry has become obsessed with fast growth, and not building a legacy company. 


I recall hearing of a CEO in network marketing, starting a new company, not that long ago. boasting that he had built two or three successful network marketing companies. I wanted to reach through the computer screen and grab him and say “Well if they were so successful, where are those companies today?”

And the truth is those companies have gone out of business. They don’t exist today. 

If a network marketing company is successful, they are still in business! It’s as simple as that. 


Because we are in the business of residual income, we’re doing the work once, so we can get paid over and over and over and over again.

You want your company to stay in business so you can keep picking up those residual checks, not just for a year, not just for five years, but for decades.

That’s the big game plan.

That’s the big win, financially, in network marketing.

You want your company to stay in business. 


In a recent private conversation, with our founder Tyler Norton, he said to me “Alan,  I will not consider ASEA a success, unless your kids are getting a check from this company.”  

Now let me just do some math here. I have two beautiful girls, my leprechaunettes. At time of writing, they are 13 and 10. I’m only 52, so I will hopefully be here for a few decades to come, before my kids are getting my ASEA check. But Tyler knows that. He knows my family. He’s doing the calculations.

This company will not be a success, unless this company is counted in decades. If  you’re looking to build a solid residual income, a legacy income and a legacy for you and your family, you’ve got to find a company that thinks like that.

And I’ll tell you, there’s not many companies who think like that. Your company must have a legacy focus. 


Almost 30 years in the industry of Network Marketing, ASEA is the first company that I have had the pleasure of working with that truly has a Legacy Focus. I am not saying they are the only one. After all there are some great names in the industry. Companies that have stood the test of time. Amway, Herbalife, Nuskin to name just 3.

Today so many company owners and master distributors are addicted to fast growth …at any cost. This short fast run may be beneficial to them, but it certainly is not beneficial for the average Associate. 

I wish you all the success that you believe you deserve.

Alan Noble


How do I choose a direct selling company?

Here is how you can choose a direct selling company.

  1. Only trust a company after research.
  2. Always work on a product or service you actually like. 
  3. Go through the compensation plan. You must understand the plan and it should not have hidden details. 
  4. Work on the extent of help you will achieve with this network marketing company. 
  5. Figure out the type of training the company offers.

Who is the target audience for network marketing?

This target market consists of different set of people. Together they make up a target audience. Other network marketers and people who buy products and services related to building a network marketing business are usually the most common type of audience. Network marketers are opportunity buyers, meaning they are actively buying what you sell.

How do I get people to join my MLM?

Here is how you can convince people to join your MLM scheme without advertising your product!

  1. Develop a recruiting mindset.
  2. Make friends.
  3. Develop positive daily habits.
  4. Tell good stories.
  5. Sponsor your recruits.
  6. Don’t force your business on family and friends.
  7. Listen and be a master at asking questions.
  8. Avoid putting too much pressure on each individual prospect.

What percentage of people succeed in network marketing?

Only 25% of MLM participants turn a profit. According to FTC reports, 99% of MLM participants lose money. Another more recent AARP study finds that the numbers aren’t quite as stark. The AARP found that 25% of those surveyed made a profit, while 27% broke even. Only about half lost money.

What is the secret of network marketing?

Know your audience! The sharper your observation is the better you can perform in network marketing. Keep a close check on the needs, requirements and desires of your audience. You need to look at your audience as not only spectators but as people who have different needs and interests.

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Taking a close look at the people behind the company. Key ingredients for building a true legacy focused company.