In a previous blog I gave an overview of the five P’s that are important when evaluating a Network Marketing Opportunity – the Product, the People, the Plan, the Positioning and your Partners.

In this blog I want to focus on The People. Who is actually behind the company?

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So, in part A of this I talked about legacy. The importance of legacy, of finding a company that intends to stay in business for a very, very long time, and isn’t just playing the fast growth, popularity contest game, that is all too common in network marketing.

But there’s another very important piece to the company puzzle…and that’s the ethics, the integrity, the principles of the people running the show!  


The Founders of ASEA, Verdis Norton and his son, Tyler Norton, had bought a very early version of this technology from a struggling biotech company. That company didn’t really understand what they had created or how to stabilize and bottle it.

The Norton’s, both leaders in Corporate Strategy, brought in a team of scientists, led by an Atomic Medical Physicist, Dr. Gary Samuelson PhD. They figured out how to achieve “the impossible” and stabilize these highly reactive redox signaling molecules outside of the body. The goal now, was to sell it to the pharmaceutical industry.

That was always the game plan from the very beginning.

However, they knew the product was very safe, demonstrating zero levels of toxicity. After all, these redox signaling molecules are native to every cell in your body! So, they started 40 people drinking the molecules. Those 40 people, in two months, grew to 135 people in 20 different countries.

Now, think about this, there’s no compensation plan here. Nobody’s being financially rewarded for building a network or creating referrals.

This product is moving, because it’s working! 


So, we have 135 people using the product, some of whom are experiencing life changing and dramatic results with the technology, when a pharmaceutical company flies into Salt Lake City, and say they want the technology and are willing to write a multimillion-dollar check! However, there was one condition.  

Every single person had to come off the product, regardless of the benefits they were receiving.

No matter how life changing!

Let’s put this in perspective. We’re talking, 2008, the worst recession since the Great Depression. Verdis Norton is 69 years of age and should be hanging up his business shoes and putting on his golf shoes. We are talking about a product made from salt water, in Salt Lake City, with molecules nobody’s ever heard of. 

It would be a much safer business plan to make the sale to big pharma. But these men decided that the wellbeing of a small handful of people was more important than the multimillion-dollar payout. So, they said no to the payout and yes to the people.

Yes, to a basic principle of putting people first, no matter how much money is at stake!


So now the big question becomes – How do we tell the world that this life changing breakthrough technology exists? It quickly became clear that the only one way to get this product into the hands of the people who needed it, was through education and personal experience. That meant person to person referral marketing – Network Marketing.

And so, that’s the story behind ASEA.  That’s the Genesis story. A company that put people, principles, and a sense of purpose ahead of an easy payout.

Why is this so important?

Well, the network marketing industry has had its fair share of short minded greedy CEOs who treat their distributors like pawns in a chess game. Sometimes they set their company up for a short-term win – then close the door walking away with millions. Or they require a distributor force to get things started, but then shift to a direct sales online model, cutting their distributors off from their residual commissions.

More than a decade later with ASEA, and I got to tell you, I sleep very well at night. My business is safe in the hands of a corporate team who have a proven track record of putting people first. It’s as simple as that.

You know, almost every t-shirt I wear says ASEA, because it’s not just what ASEA Redox is,  it’s not just the technology, it’s also WHO ASEA is! I am so proud to represent both the product, and the company. Changing lives physically and financially.

I want to wish you all the success you believe you deserve.


How do I choose a direct selling company?

Here is how you can choose a direct selling company.

  1. Only trust a company after research.
  2. Always work on a product or service you actually like. 
  3. Go through the compensation plan. You must understand the plan and it should not have hidden details. 
  4. Work on the extent of help you will achieve with this network marketing company. 
  5. Figure out the type of training the company offers.

Who is the target audience for network marketing?

This target market consists of different set of people. Together they make up a target audience. Other network marketers and people who buy products and services related to building a network marketing business are usually the most common type of audience. Network marketers are opportunity buyers, meaning they are actively buying what you sell.

How do I get people to join my MLM?

Here is how you can convince people to join your MLM scheme without advertising your product!

  1. Develop a recruiting mindset.
  2. Make friends.
  3. Develop positive daily habits.
  4. Tell good stories.
  5. Sponsor your recruits.
  6. Don’t force your business on family and friends.
  7. Listen and be a master at asking questions.
  8. Avoid putting too much pressure on each individual prospect.

What percentage of people succeed in network marketing?

Only 25% of MLM participants turn a profit. According to FTC reports, 99% of MLM participants lose money. Another more recent AARP study finds that the numbers aren’t quite as stark. The AARP found that 25% of those surveyed made a profit, while 27% broke even. Only about half lost money.

What is the secret of network marketing?

Know your audience! The sharper your observation is the better you can perform in network marketing. Keep a close check on the needs, requirements and desires of your audience. You need to look at your audience as not only spectators but as people who have different needs and interests.

Alan Noble

In this article:
Focussing on The People. Who is actually behind the company?