Choosing a Network Marketing Company – Positioning

There are 5 P’s to consider when it comes to evaluating a network marketing business; the products, the people, the plan, positioning and partners.

In this blog I want to talk about Positioning, also called timing.

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Ground Floor Positioning

I have a good friend in the industry who spent a couple of decades in the Network Marketing industry always trying to find the hot new company. The exciting “ground floor opportunity”. The pitch was always the same. “Its ground floor, you want to get in now so you can be first” etc. However, in all that time he never achieved any long-term success.

Why? Simple. Most companies, network marketing or otherwise, go out of business in their first couple of years. In my last blog – The People (Part 2) – I pointed out that some companies are not even set up to last. It’s a quick blitz to make a few people millions, then it’s gone!

So, my friend, who was always chasing the shining new think in MLM, is now an all washed up burnt out networker.

Now you might say, Alan, this is a little hypocritical of you. When you joined, ASEA was a startup, a “ground floor” opportunity! And you would be right.

However, here is the difference. I did not join ASEA back in 2009 because it was new. I joined it because of the People and the Products. It just so happened that it was new. Truth is, I probably would have preferred it if it hadn’t been a brand-new company.

Let me tell you “Ground floor” is not an easy time to build. When I joined ASEA there were no tools. There were no trainings in place, no presentations and very little science study. There were no great Diamond success stories.

The one thing we did have though were the consistent flow of lives being changed with our remarkable redox signaling technology! 

Asea’s positioning today

Traditionally there is a “best time” to join a Network Marketing company. If you look back at network marketing history, you will see many companies go through an S curve of growth. Its starts with a foundational stage, then moves into a growth stage and then reaches a point called stability.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make great income at all 3 stages of a company’s growth. However, if you are really looking for the positioning “sweet spot”, then it is clearly in the growth phase. And the good news? That is exactly where ASEA is right now.

Rock Solid Foundation

You see, ASEA spent the first decade really focusing on laying a solid foundation for the future. Perhaps for most companies it doesn’t take a decade to lay this foundation. However, with ASEA we were bringing a brand-new cutting technology to the marketplace.

Something the world had never seen or even heard of before. A new category of health science. We could just piggyback on other people products or research. It started with us. And so, this foundational stage took a little longer than most. But now our technology is widely accepted by health and medical experts.

The product is no longer on trial.

From patents to double blind studies, we have proven that our cell signaling technology can have an astonishing impact on people’s health and wellbeing, their athletic performance, as well as the aging of their skin!

Scientific evidence

For example, Tauret Labs proved in an 8-week, double blind placebo study, that ASEA Redox can signal not only at the cellular level, but even at the profound depths of the genetic level.

Positively impacting 5 gene signaling pathways, that directly impact 5 major areas of health. Immune Function, Inflammatory Response, Cardiovascular Health, Digestive Health, and Hormone Balance! The placebo? Salt water. This lays to rest, once and for all, the notion that ASEA Redox is just a bottle of “salt water”.

So now we are ready for growth. The company is financially stable and positioned with distribution centers around the world.

With the launch of the new Cell Performance division – RedoxEnergy, RedoxMind and RedoxMood – and these 3 products are only the beginning. We are in position to double and triple our business in the next few years.

It’s a great time to become an ASEA Associate and join us on the great ASEA Adventure.

I want to wish you all the success you believe you deserve.


What should I look for when choosing a network marketing company?

Here is what you need to do to find the best network marketing company

  • Do deep research about the company.
  • Their products line-up & business strategy!
  • Check for the services offered by the team!
  • Does it let you earn a good amount of income?
  • Technological aspect and MLM consulting.
  • Does the business offer part-time income?

How do you market a network company?

Here are a few other tips to help you improve your multi-level marketing (MLM) and recruiting efforts within the world of direct selling:

  1. Work on the realities of MLMs.
  2. Find a company with a product you love.
  3. Be genuine and ethical.
  4. Don’t barrage your friends and family.
  5. Identify your target market.

What is the secret of network marketing?

The most important thing to do is to know your target audience very well. The best way to grow closer to them is to know what they look for. Keep a strict eye on their desires and needs. Create a balance between understanding them and implementing your understanding in practice. Take interest in what your audience wants. The timing plays an important role. Knowing what they need isn’t enough. Carefully know what they want, and when they want.

How do I choose a direct selling company?

Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Carefully research the company.
  2. Find a product or service you’re passionate about.
  3. Examine the compensation plan: Is the plan easy to understand and explain?
  4. Determine the amount of help you’ll get with marketing.
  5. Find out what type of and how much training is offered.


How can I convince someone to join network marketing?

Here is how you can convince someone to join network marketing efficiently. 

  1. Normal conversation
  2. Connect
  3. Treat like a business consultant
  4. Gain curiosity
  5. Trust build
  6. Show Power of network marketing business
  7. Show full details of your network marketing business

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5 P’s to consider when it comes to evaluating a network marketing business