There are times when your brain might not function appropriately and focus on work can become a real challenge. Times as such can be best described as brain fog. Brain fog is a feeling of confusion, difficulty focusing or thinking clearly, and a sense of mental exhaustion that can make it hard to complete everyday tasks.

What Are The Causes Of Brain Fog?

The sense of confusion often stems from disorganization, disorientation, or having a constant feeling of being scattered. Many who experience a brain fog feeling may also express an inability to react, perform or think at their usual level of efficiency.

Several lifestyle and diet-related factors can contribute to brain fog, including sleep deprivation, dehydration, poor dietary choices (high sugar/processed foods), stress, lack of physical exercise or mental stimulation, and nutrient deficiencies like Vitamins B12 and D3. Additionally, medications such as antihistamines used to treat allergies can cause mental fog.

Some of the prominent reasons for having a brain fog include, but are not limited to;

  • Chronic stress – signs of which are an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels
  • Thyroid dysfunction – an imbalance of certain hormones
  • Food intolerances or allergies – such as dairy products, gluten, and other food chemicals
  • Hormonal imbalances – estrogen and testosterone being the main culprits here
  • Nutritional deficiencies – lacking essential vitamins and minerals
  • Fatigue and adrenal fatigue – feeling exhausted even after a full night’s sleep
  • Drugs, alcohol or certain medications – can alter your cognitive ability

How To Deal with Brain Fog?

The solution starts by identifying the source of the brain fog. If it persists, a person can have difficulty thinking, trouble expressing his thoughts or issues with steady problem-solving skills.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can cope with brain fog and get your focus back on track.

Here are a few things which you can do to avoid the brain fog from affecting you:

Spend Time Away From Electronic Gadgets

As humans, we often tend to spend a lot of our time glued to electronic gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. This can lead to too much screen time and can impair concentration as well as lead to mental fatigue. Limiting the amount of time spent on such devices can help improve your focus and reduce brain fog. Taking some time away from your phone, laptop and other electronics can help you focus on the task at hand.

Have A Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is essential for mental and physical health. Eating a balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables, proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats can provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally. Eating small meals throughout the day can also help improve your concentration, and energy levels and reduce brain fog.

Get Enough Sleep

How ASEA Redox Can Help Resolve Your Brain Fog

Getting enough sleep is vital for a clear mind. Adequate sleep helps improve memory, focus and overall cognitive performance. It is important to get enough sleep every night and try to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule. The sleeping cycle greatly depends on your circadian rhythm and if it’s incorrect, then you can often experience brain fog.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is essential for overall health and can help improve mental clarity by increasing the brain’s production of endorphins and improving circulation to the brain. Exercise also helps reduce stress, which is one of the common causes of brain fog. Try to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine for at least 30 minutes daily. It will give your brain a kick in releasing endorphins and boosting your mood overall.

Healthy Cell Functioning & Maintenance

The human brain is the powerhouse of the human body and good health actually begins at the cellular level. When vitality becomes an integral core of every cell in your body, your body starts functioning at the level that it is designed for. Taking measures such as using supplements like ASEA Redox Cell Signaling can help optimize cell functioning and maintain good health.

Our active redox can signal the molecules so they can serve as a powerful messenger and help protect, rejuvenate and restore your cells. They bind with the natural genetic pathways of the cells and help convert damaged cells into healthy ones so you feel ready and alive again.

What Happens When You Send the Right Signals to Your Body?

Using a proprietary patented process, The ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement promotes healthy cell function. It works as a bio-switch that turns on cellular protection and repair. You can also use it to maintain healthy nerve signaling, muscle tissue function and brain health. It helps support the body’s natural healing process as well as its natural defense against oxidative stress and free radicals.

The ASEA Redox Cell Signaling supplement not only supports your overall physical health but also assists with;

  • Aiding in immune system health
  • Helping maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity
  • Supporting your body’s ability to respond to external stressors 
  • Improving gut health and digestive enzyme production 
  • Modulating hormone balance to support vitality and wellness
  • Maintaining a healthy inflammatory response

ASEA Redox Increases The Production of Antioxidants in Your Body

The ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement contains a blend of patented active redox signaling molecules that help the body produce more antioxidants. This, in turn, reduces inflammation, improves immunity and protects cells from damage. The supplement also helps promote healthy cell functioning, maintain healthy nerve signaling and support brain health.


Brain fog can hurt your life, but with the right strategies and lifestyle changes, you can successfully manage it. A balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep are crucial for the optimal functioning of the body and mind and help reduce brain fog. Additionally, using supplements like ASEA Redox Cell Signaling can help provide the body with essential nutrients and help maintain healthy cell functioning. 

With these strategies, you can regain mental clarity and improve your productivity.

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