The human body is the powerhouse of cells. There are almost 30 trillion cells in the human body whereas more than 40 trillion bacterial cells. Some of these bacterial cells contribute to good body functioning while others are harmful and can cause diseases. Out of these 40 trillion, millions of bacterial cells and other microbes live inside your intestine. There are different species that play different roles in the body. In case of unhealthy digestion or gut, it can affect the whole health of a person.

Why Gut Health is Important for Any Human Being?

Over millions of years, microbes have significantly evolved. They have learned how to survive outside and inside the human body. Just as humans and other species are evolving, so is the bacteria. These bacteria help in digestion, metabolizing food, improving nutrient absorption and synthesizing vitamins.

A healthy gut microbiota can also boost immunity, reduce inflammation and improve overall mental health. It is important to have a balance of microorganisms in the gut for optimum health.

If the balance of these microbes is off in your body, your health can suffer a great deal.

What Studies Have Revealed?

Studies have revealed that there are many bad bacterias which have found their way into the human gut and believe it or not, it has led to countless health issues. For instance, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which generates the feeling of happiness within humans. The neurotransmitter is mostly developed in the human gut. If your gut health is not optimum, there’s a significant chance that your gut might lose its potential to produce serotonin which will lead to you feeling dissatisfied.

How ASEA Via Biome Can Help?

ASEA Via Biome is a probiotic supplement that helps in balancing the gut microflora. It contains a unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes that help in improving gut health, promoting digestion and restoring the balance of good bacteria. It also helps in boosting immunity, reducing inflammation and improving mental health.

The ASEA Via Biome is an expert formulation which is made up of 16 probiotic strains which include a prebiotic that can magnanimously soothe your digestive system process. The prebiotic contributes to adding the slippery elm to act as food for friendly microflora. It also contributes to creating a friendly environment for these healthy bacteria to flourish.

What Can You Do To Keep An Optimum Gut Health?

While ASEA Via Biome is a great way to ensure that your gut keeps functioning healthily, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your gut keeps working optimally.

Include a Variety of Food Types in Your Diet

The greater the diversity of your microbiomes, the healthier your body is going to be. However, the western diet that most of our citizens follow is filled with a lot of fat and sugar. In many rural parts of the country, people tend to consume diets which are richer in plant sources. According to studies, it has been revealed that the gut biome of people in Africa and South America shows more strength compared to people living in the United States or the European region.

It’s all because of the food they consume. Try and include different types of vegetables in your diet, while also cutting back on processed foods or fast foods as much as possible.

Eat More Fermented Food

There are many fermented food options such as yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir, kimchi and more which can enhance your gut functioning optimally. These food types contain yeast and bacteria which can easily break down sugar in your food. They are also rich in lactobacilli which is a healthy bacteria which can help in improving your gut health. 

Consume Diet Rich in Prebiotics

Prebiotics are normally found in food types which are rich in fibre. When consumed in significant quantities, they can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the human body. These food types are perfect for breaking down food more effectively so your body can gain proper fuel to function appropriately. There are several food types which are rich in prebiotics like legumes, beans, oats, berries, asparagus, bananas, peas, garlic, onions, leeks, and more.

Don’t Count the Whole Grain Out of Your Schedule

A whole grain diet contains a lot of fibre. As discussed earlier, fibre contains beneficial bacteria which is the leading cause of promoting good gut health. Fibre can also contribute to the increased feeling of fullness, reduce inflammation, and keep cholesterol levels on the lower side.

Exercise Regularly As It Helps Boost Gut Health

Physical activity can lead to a lot of improvements in your overall health, especially your gut health. It helps in improving the composition of bacteria present in your gut and also reduces the chances of several chronic diseases. Even if you’re not a fan of intense workouts, going for a walk or jog can be incredibly beneficial in improving your gut health.

Polyphenols – Which Contribute Greatly to Your Overall Health

Polyphenols are plant compounds which help in reducing inflammation and promoting the growth of good bacteria. These compounds are found in tea, coffee, red wine and dark chocolate among other sources. Polyphenols can be incredibly beneficial in improving your overall health, especially your gut.

ASEA Via Biome – The Perfect Way to Your Gut Wellness

The overall good health of a person depends on the microbiomes being harmonious with the rest of the cells in your body. These microbes can often get disturbed due to environmental toxins, illnesses, pesticides, and even drinking municipal water.

ASEA Via Biome is a revolutionary product that helps in restoring the balance of your microbiomes and provides you with proper nutrition essential for gut wellness. It is made up of 16 probiotic strains and prebiotics as well. When you intake ASEA via Biome with ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, it has been shown to support your gut health and promote good bacteria within your body fat more efficiently by boosting enzyme production than any natural diet which you consume.

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